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Early Life:

Actress Catherine Bell was born August 14, 1968 in London, England to an Iranian mother and English father. As a young girl, Bell’s parents divorced, and she moved to California with her mother. Catherine became a naturalized U.S. citizen at the age of 12.


Bell was unsure whether to pursue art or go to medical or engineering school. She chose to study biology at UCLA, but eventually left school to model in Japan.

Bell had done some television commercials as a child, but she formally pursued acting when she returned to California from Japan. Her debut as actress Isabella Rosselline’s nude body double in the movie Death Becomes her led to a series of supporting roles and appearances in a variety of movies and shows.

In 1996, Bell was cast in a minor role during the first season of the television series Jag. For the second season, Bell was recast as main character Major Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie, and spent the next nine seasons with the show until it ended in 2005.

In 2007, Bell took on a new role as nurse Denise Sherwood on the Lifetime TV series Army Wives.


Bell is fluent in Persian as well as English. She is a self-professed tomboy who “loves cars, motorcycles, and extreme sports.” She and her husband, Adam Deason, live in Los Angeles with their daughter Gemma.

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